Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Games & Apps

Create off-the-charts customer engagement with custom VR and AR experiences.

Games and custom apps are the ultimate engagement in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Visual has created a wide range of VR/AR experiences for smartphones, Oculus Quest / Go, HTC Vive and Cardboard headsets.

Vive Game

Hiway Hockey VR Game

Hiway Hockey VR has kids of all ages lining up at events to try their luck at defending the goal in VR–with a real hockey stick. The game got rave reviews from Minnesota Wild's star goalie.

AR App

Sigma Instant ID Issuance System

Entrust needed a way to help sell their next-gen ID card printer during a global pandemic. The Sigma AR app for iOS and Android gives current and future Entrust customers a virtual look at the Sigma direct-to-card printer. Customers can place the printer on their own tabletop, spin it around 360 degrees, zoom in, get specs, watch videos and more..